CoreTrustSeal Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements

The CoreTrustSeal Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements reflect the characteristics of trustworthy repositories. As such, all Requirements are mandatory and are equally weighted, standalone items. Although some overlap is unavoidable, duplication of evidence sought among Requirements has been kept to a minimum where possible.

We encourage repositories to explore the CoreTrustSeal Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements and seek certification.

CoreTrustSeal Requirements 2023-2025:

The following documents are available in support of the requirements:

A change log on the changes made to the CoreTrustSeal Requirements 2020-2022 can be found here. We also created a short video:


CoreTrustSeal Requirements 2020-2022:

CoreTrustSeal Extended Guidance is available to facilitate the work of CoreTrustSeal reviewers and also provide more guidance to repositories undergoing a certification against the Core Trustworthy Data Repositories Requirements.

Note: The Introduction, Requirements, Glossary, and Extended Guidance for 2017–2019 may be found on this page.

A webinar on the CoreTrustSeal Extended Guidance 2017–2019 is also available for information on our CoreTrustSeal YouTube Channel.

Webinars on CoreTrustSeal Certification

The following two webinars were presented to a cohort of data repositories assembled to apply for CoreTrustSeal certification as part of the American Geophysical Union Coalition Enabling FAIR Data Project. They provide more information on CoreTrustSeal and the certification process.

Webinar 1

Date: 22:00 UTC on Tuesday, 30 October 2018
Presenters: Rorie Edmunds (CoreTrustSeal ex officio Board Member, World Data System) and John Faundeen (CoreTrustSeal Board Member, US Geological Survey)
Content: General overview of CoreTrustSeal certification, and experience of USGS EROS Center in applying for CoreTrustSeal certification


Webinar 2

Date: 16:00 UTC on Monday, 26 November 2018
Presenters: Ingrid Dillo (CoreTrustSeal Board Director, DANS) and Helen Glaves (UK National Geoscience Data Centre)
Content: Effort involved to become certified from DANS perspective, benefits of certification, and NGDC experience of CoreTrustSeal Data Repository certification