Financial Reports

In the interests of transparency, the CoreTrustSeal Board has made the decision to release a public summary of the financial statement submitted by the CoreTrustSeal legal entity each fiscal year (FY; 1 January–31 December) under Dutch law. Questions on these financial statements are welcomed, please use our Contact Form.

The main source of income for financing the CoreTrustSeal and its activities comes from administrative fees. The administrative fee is a contribution towards the costs of operation, maintenance, and development of the CoreTrustSeal certification service. See also

Expenditure concerns costs for administration, communication and promotion, travel and meetings (e.g., to support costs incurred during the statutory, annual CoreTrustSeal Board meeting), and development of training materials (e.g., for the Assembly of Reviewers, as well as for prospective applicants). Reviewers undertake the assessment of applications for CoreTrustSeal certification on a voluntary basis and without remuneration. CoreTrustSeal Board members also work on a voluntary basis and without remuneration.

Annual Reports